Sensual Positions

Cum inside and observe this skilled couple making love in several sensual positions! Every position of this art is explained in its detail. So for today we come back with another nice collection of, well let’s call them tutorials. For this nice and fresh video you get to see as we delve more into the art of sexual pleasure with some more superb sex positions from the great book of sexual pleasure Kama Sutra. And aiding in that, is the sexy little lady that you got to see so many times before in or updates. So without further due let’s start shall we?

As the scene begins and cameras start rolling, the couple makes their entry to the little bedroom, and take their place on the bed. First off it’s a sexual position that has both partners lying on their back and this serves to make both of them feel very good while the lady slides back and forth with her pussy on the man’s cock. Then it’s more of a classic position that you may already know, but this is the proper way to enjoy it as well. Just sit back and enjoy this hot video and do come back next week for some more fresh and hot content everyone. We’ll see you then.

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