Oily cock massage

Hi there, everyone! Erosexotica is here at time and we have for you a special scene, as we’ve promised. this talented masseuse will teach us how to give a oily cock massage to our special someone. She sure knows how to take care of a hard cock, so make yourself comfortable and enjoy her in eros exotica action. For sure you cannot skip this lesson. It would give you unforgettable and magical moments with your partner.

So the masseuse here will teach us how a hard cock should be treated. She gives this lucky dude a proper handjob and you are about to enjoy the whole lesson in a couple of moments. Watch her laying that guy on her magical massage table, all naked. She is taking her perfumed oil and will starts to rub his whole body. The lucky guy gets and instant boner as she is going with her talented hands all over him. Then his cock will get all her attention as the masseuse is squeezing his tool hard, then she’s sliding her slutty hands all over it.  Make sure you don’t miss the great ending as he spews all the cum out, allover her talented fingers. Enjoy!


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Eros exotic candle light sex

Eros exotica is here and you are about to enjoy one amazing love making scene. This hot couple will show us tonight how a couple should enjoy it’s late night moments. The sizzling blonde will make sure her partner will ejaculate all the cum his balls ever held and the lucky dude will satisfy her pussy like no other, making sure he is careful at her every move and body language and offering her one unforgettable experience.


So here is how everything should be between a young couple. When they are enjoying their nights together, that should be a magical moment for both. Watch her starting her amazing fucking session with a professional blowjob, touching his cock with her juicy lips and giving him one gentle fellatio. Then the sizzling blonde gets her pussy licked and moisturized right before she’ll go on top of that cock and will ride it nice and slow. She move up and down on that tool, going balls deep inside and getting her vagina penetrated. Don’t miss the magical ending! Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen and see ya all next time with fresh content. Stay tuned!

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Wand of Light

Welcome to this week’s eros erotica show and another couple that likes to have tantric sex showing off what they can do. This week’s main lesson is on foreplay and there’s a lot of it getting done in this scene. The lady here just loves that to no end and her boyfriend is always happy to get to play with her whole body before they have some passionate sex as well. So sit back and relax and check out this eros exotica scene starting out with the babe laying on her back and the guy getting to kiss and lick each and every singe inch of her gorgeous naked body too. You can be sure that this got the babe in the mood to fuck even more and you know you get to see that as well!

When he was done, she basically clings to him as soon as he gets to put his meat in her sweet and now really really wet pussy. She wants him to go deep and hard inside he right there on the bed among the candles. It was all very very romantic and she was getting closer and closer to climaxing. Check her out having a wonderful orgasm by the end as well and see her and the guy do lot of other naughty stuff today. We bet you’ll like it and if that’s the case, you can also check out more nice and hot scenes here in the past updates. We’ll take our leave for now and we’ll be seeing you all next week with another new and fresh gallery update like usual!



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Kamasutra Videos

Today’s kamasutra videos update is here and just like always, we aim to impress with some amazing shows. There were quite a few of you out there that wanted to know how to do the best blowjob and our resident blonde babe here is here to help and put on a little demonstration for you. So let’s check it out and watch her getting to work on a nice and big black cock no less in her scene today. And you can be sure the guy loved the whole thing too, how could he not, when he has the lips of this little beauty working his thick cock meticulously this fine afternoon. Well let’s just get the cameras rolling and the show started to see the whole action without delay!


It seems that our lovely blonde lady was quite eager to get to work on his cock without delay too. So watch her do her light teasing as she gets him nice and hard for her. Then you can see her juicy lips wrapping around that meat pole and passionately starting to suck it. Watch the amazing blowjob getting done and follow the babe’s every movement. You can soon watch he deep throat that meat pole too. And to end it nicely she legs the guy blow his load ad swallows it all as well. Great scene with a great babe and we hope you had fun as always too. We’ll see you soon once again with a new show as per usual. Bye bye for how everyone.

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Kama Sutra Video

Hey there again everyone. We’re back with more kama sutra video sets for you as usual and we have another special one for you to check out. This eros exotica scene shows off a sexy and busy blonde babe and her boyfriend trying out some tantric sex too, but today’s lesson..for them as well, is sensual massaging. So you can bet that you get to see a lot of teasing in this one as both the guy and the chick get to take turns massaging one another sensually and getting each other excited. And you’ll see that the ensuing sex session afterwards is just the best too, making them reach orgasm easily and climax at the same time. So sit back, relax and let’s get the show going!

Okay, so acutally, the two start out in the bath tub. They wanted to get nice and wet for the next bit and the guy s first to take care of his lady’s body. Just sit back and watch those eager hands running up and down all along the babe’s beautiful and delicate curves as she is very very pleased with every second. Then you get to see her take her turn and you can bet that she was going to put her big natural tits to work on his body as an aide and the guy felt in heaven with the babe’s breasts caressing his back. Enjoy the massage and enjoy the sex and we’ll bring yu even more shows soon. Until then we hope you enjoy this one and rest assured that there will be even hotter ones next!


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Kamasutra Video

Hey there. Were back with another kamasutra video today and we know you’re eager to see some more couples going at it as hey have some passionate sex sessions together. This time we bring you another superb featured position to try in bed and it seems that the two here had tons of fun with one another. We bet you’ll have some fun checking them out as well and you can rest easy knowing that the sow was quite splendid. Well let’s get to it then and see this couple show off their favorite fucking position just for you in this afternoon scene. And as you know you can check out even more scenes around this place, but let’s focus on today’s eros exotica show for now.


We always strive to bring you videos with the positions from the kama sutra as it’s much much more easier to understand how to reach the heights of pleasure by seeing someone and ten trying it out yourselves. Well, anyway, you get to see some superb foreplay of curse and it’s just incredible to see these two kissing and caressing on another while all nude. This is a take on the classic missionary style and making love in this one feels pretty incredible for both members of the act, especially if the lady wraps her legs around the guy while he gets to penetrate her. Enjoy the show and we hope you learned some new tricks from it today. We’ll see you soon whit more!

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Kama Sutra Videos

Hello there everyone. We bring you some amazing kama sutra videos to check out today and as you can see, they have one beautiful babe trying out new things with her man. And as you know, the Indian Book of Love has many things to try out for couples when they want to spice things up in the bedroom. Well this nice scene gets to show some neat positions to try with this couple. SO let’s just get on with it and check it all out as we bet you’re eager to see this beauty of a babe have some passionate tantric sex this afternoon too. We can guarantee that you won’t regret stopping by this week to check this update out, so let’s get it going!

As the eros exotica scene begins, you can see the two enjoying themselves with some foreplay. And after the guy massages every inch of the babe’s lovely body, it’s her turn to make him excited. So check her out kissing him from head to toe and by the time she’s done, his hard cock is already standing at attention. Take your time to see this couple enjoying the pleasure of sensual and passionate sex today and check out their little scene. It should give you some ideas on what to do next or at the very least make your imagination go wild with fantasies. See you guys next week with another new scene. Meanwhile, just take the time to enjoy this one to the fullest!


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